jweinland Group Benefits offers the highest quality of employer-sponsored group insurance services in the region. Our team of professionals possesses an intricate knowledge of the employee benefits industry and health care financing. We are positioned to help companies in all aspects of their employee benefits and other executive management issues. Our objective is to assist you in saving money while guiding you through the ever-increasingly complex world that the employee benefits industry has become.

Most of our large and mid-market clients enjoy the flexibility of partial self-funding and take advantage of our expertise of this complex funding arrangement. Trying to work through the maze of intricacies that make self-funding solutions work requires a vast and technical knowledge of health care financing and the third party administrators that bring innovative products to the market. The staff of jweinland Group Benefits possesses this skill set, and we work diligently to keep your benefit plans affordable. We understand however, that self-funding is not for every business. Our staff also works with an array of  health insurance carriers to ensure that you receive the benefits and services for which you are paying.

Staying abreast of the myriad of employee benefit compliance issues is an enormous task. In the current political landscape, more complex mandates are certainly forthcoming. Part of our mission is to keep you informed of these changes so you can focus on managing your business operations. We have the expertise and resources to help your company maintain compliance in this ever-changing environment.

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Partnering with the right benefits administration platform may help you feel like there are more hours in your work day. By offering your company’s benefits in a digital package, for both new hire enrollment as well as your annual open enrollment process, you can streamline your daily duties, modernize the employee experience and educate your employees about the benefits that you are offering them, so that they can make informed choices.