Group Life Insurance

For many employees, the group life insurance plan offered by the employer is the only life insurance available to them. For employers who care about the well being of their employees and dependents, this is the one employee benefit product that must deliver its promise if utilized.

Many brokerage firms believe group life insurance to be a commodity that is sensitive only to price. The benefit professionals at jweinland Group Benefits, serving the Shreveport-Bossier City region, know better.

There are hundreds of life insurance carriers in this market space, each with a different contract and financial strength. Group life insurance is not a product to buy based solely on its monthly cost. And replacing a group life insurance plan includes contractual provisions that may preclude honoring a death claim if done improperly.

Life insurance is too important of a benefit in the unfortunate event of a claim. A well constructed group life insurance plan can make a positive difference in the lives of the family of an employee. We advise our clients not to make this purchasing decision based solely on cost. jweinland Group Benefits offers group life insurance consulting that can help you provide a level of coverage that delivers to your employees while making sense for your business.

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